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munox_srMUNOX® SR

Bioaugmentation provides dynamic control of petroleum spill cleanup to increase speed and reduce cost. Bioaugmentation provides the right microbes in high populations to increase cell to contaminant contact opportunities. Greater engineering control improves efficiency and decreases remediation costs as demonstrated in our case studies.

Munox® SR bioaugmentation remediated petroleum seepage on a Caribbean Island:

  • After 6 days the oil in the pit was visibly cleaner.

  • Laboratory analysis of samples taken from the pit confirmed the visible decrease in oil and grease and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).

  • After 12 days the floating oil layer was dispersed (as shown in the following pictures).

  • Laboratory testing showed the Munox® SR organisms reduced the TPH and oils and grease to less than the detection limits.
DAY 12

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