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The Advantages and Benefits of Aerobic Cometabolism

Aerobic metabolism yields the energy-transferring molecule TPA at a much higher rate than anaerobic processes. The higher energy yield produces a greater viable population.

Bioaugmentation is a Cost Effective and Sustainable Remediation Alternative

Bioaugmentation can reduce remediation costs because it is a sustainable solution.

Petrox® Bioremediation is a Proven Solution for Trimethylbenzene  in Soil and Ground Water

Trimethylbenzene isomers are contaminants of concern at sites of petroleum spills and leaking underground storage tanks at many states. Petrox bioremediation can remove trimethylbenzene isomers and the full range of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Using Bioaugmentation to Reduce Risks and Costs Associated With Vapor Intrusion

The risk driver for many remedial actions is potential vapor intrusion hazard. CL-Out® bioremediation reduces project risk by destroying PCE and TCE without producing vinyl chloride.