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Microbes for sustainable remediation of pollution


Sustainable Environmental Spill Control and Cleanup

CL Solutions provides products for control and removal of environmental spills of oil, fuel and industrial chemicals. CL Solutions’ absorbents, microbial cultures, and surfactants are safe for human health and the environment. When used under appropriate conditions, as guided by our field test kits, our microbial blends remove oil from surface spills, soil, surface water and ground water fast, safely and more economically than alternative technologies.

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CL Solutions is pleased to add Corksorb spill absorbents to our sustainable environmental product line. Corksorb absorbents are available in many forms, including loose granular absorbent, socks, booms and pillows.

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EPA Partners

CL-Out is a "sustainable" solution formulated in partnership with the US EPA's Design for the Environment.

Bioremediation Products

Munox SR, Petrox, Petrox DN and CL-Out provide combinations of naturally-occurring microbes grown to high populations without genetic modification. These unique patented cultures provide fast, safe and economical bioremediation of oil, fuel, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and nitrates.

Munox SR is a consortitium of microbes for the fast remediation of surface oil spills in marine and inland settings. CL-OUT Rapid removal of dry cleaning and degreasing solvents from soil or ground water using natural bacteria.munox Petrox Rapid removal of gasoline, diesel, and heating fuel from soil or ground water using natural bacteria.munox Petrox DN Delivers active, rapid bioremediation of environmental contamination caused by most nitrate-containing materials. munox

Surface Cleaner

Petrox EC provides a combination of a safe surfactant with active microbial cultures to extract oil from hard surfaces and to emplace oil-degrading micorbes to remediate the residual oil.

Petrox EC Provides an economical solution for minor petroleum hydrocarbon spills.

Field Test Kits

Informed field decisions about bioremediation can be made using field plate kits that determine whether common petroleum-degrading organisms are present in soil, water or ground water.

Field Test Kits For the identification and quantification of the presence of petroleum hydrocarbon-degrading microbes.